Sismicité historique de la France 

Source : BRGM, EDF, IRSN / SisFrance   

SisFrance gives you :
  • 6,000 earthquakes felt on the French metropolitan Territory or on its near frontiers over more than a thousand years,

    • 1,800 epicentres, among the most well-known, of an intensity of a degree of at least 4 on the international macro-seismic intensity scale,
    • 100,000 observations or locations which have suffered earthquakes of varying strengths and the intensity in each of those places,
    • 10,000 bibliographic references showing earthquake activity over the course of time.

  • menus for searches

    • time (dates),
    • geographic (French Department and district),
    • spatial (co-ordinates).

  • maps which are

    • informative,
    • can be consulted,
    • on variable scales,

  • archive documents in digital format
Source : BRGM, EDF, IRSN / SisFrance
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