Sismicité historique de la France 

Source : BRGM, EDF, IRSN / SisFrance   

Characteristic of the earthquake
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IDENTITY: 1130572 
Date of the earthquake: 2 September 2006
Time of the earthquake: 1 h 21 min 31 sec 
Nature of the shock: ok 
Epicentral region: PIEMONT (N. SAN REMO) - ITALIE 

Geographic co-ordinates (degrees, sexagesimal minutes) :
Longitude: 7° 35' E, Latitude: 43° 56' N
Reliability index: Strongly assumed location (D
Intensity at the epicentre (according to the MSK 1964 macro-seismic scale): 
Intensity:   4,5  
Reliability index: Not very certain (C

Source : BRGM, EDF, IRSN / SisFrance
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